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So, first day at Hack Reactor done and dusted, and without a doubt it is both as intense and as awesome as they say.

Since this is our first week we spent quite a bit of time in lectures (there are many extra this week to get us kickstarted), but we went right on to coding in pairs after lunch and between lectures throughout the day.

Pair of clubs

Turns out, pair programming is alot more nuanced and structured than any of us realized - it seems like you’d just take turns swapping control and that would be that, but that leads to a small bit of chaos. The modality of having a designated ‘navigator’ and ‘driver’ really seemed to make sense here, and in my first pair we were able to polish off our assignment pretty efficiently once we settled into a good flow.

In my second pair, we were able to see the value of cross-checking each other’s logic quite well, and made large inroads into our project. I still haven't got the hang of effectively holding back, even when you think your solution is 'right', when in the driver's seat, but it's definitely becoming more natural thanks to some extra instruction by Phillip@HR.


I (naively) thought before joining the program that I'd have some free time after the program end time of 8pm in the evening to go to the studio for a bit or hang out with old coworkers from the birdhouse, but right off the bat I've started staying late - my second pair and I stayed an easy 2 hours extra completing a difficult hurdle in our project...It's very easy to see how this will take over even evening time.

Having said that, it was a ton of fun (and a wee bit of frustration - thanks Brett!) getting through that last bit - I definitely enjoyed the process!

Moar plz.

Looking forward to day two! Let's roll.


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